maanantai 11. tammikuuta 2010

Software version control update

Few days ago I delivered some software and realized the urgent need to update my Linux-boxes, again. One of the systems I needed to upgrade and learn more was SCM (Source code management).

I ended up to copying project folders all over again and give them names after the backup date or to make some zip-files trying to remember which one was the latest working version. Anyway, I work with several computers all the time. One motivation to learn SCM-systems is the open source world, where the essential skill is to checkout and download software from CVS or SVN quite often. Also, I have been asked in job interviews, if I have ever used these tools.

In these private projects I have used CVS, but I decided to migrate to SVN (Subversion). Installation and configuration was not the problem. Subversion works now fine in Linux and Windows, both by command line and GUI and with Apache and Svnserve.
The main work is to gather together all CVS projects and go through dozens of CD's in order to be sure all potentially important projects and documentation is there. And of course the current project and various web-pages in the first place.

One of the Open Source version control is offered by Google (, but hosted projects needs to meet the Open source licensing options. I have one real candidate into that category in my mind.

Just, when I got everything working, I ran into Linus Torwald's presentation about Git (, a quite new distributed version control.
It looks like I have to go further and give Git a try. Especially in case we get more developers around those Midlets.
Well, the installation continues ;-)

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