maanantai 31. joulukuuta 2012

Selecting Project Management tools

I have been evaluating project management tools for next project. 

The result is that I need both online and private intranet solution. Looks like one or the other of Freedcamp or Teamlab will be the online tool. 

The private project collaboration solution is one of these: dotProject, projectOpen, or RedMine/ChiliProject. PO-might be the one we need. :) 

There are at least hundreds of these tools. Not to mention any of the desktop tools like OpenProject, Planner, GanttProject, ReqOne and so on..

Summary - There are three types of applications
1. traditional destop applications comparable to MS-Project
2. pure online-tools saving data to cloud services
3. team collaboration tools to be installed to corporate servers used inside the intranet
... and anything between ...

A huge collection of reviews can be found from net just by searching with " top 10 project management tools " :)