maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011

Building an old project environment

I got a new job to do.

I need to update the old Pawnshop-application.
That should be a business as usual, but the problem is all the old tools I used in that project. If I recall right, the year was 2005 when the common programming environment was Windows NT, Visual C++ 6, MFC, ObjectiveGrid7, Linux RedHat and Fedora 9 and Sybase 11 for Linux.

Hmmm... I finally found all those backups but where to install all this stuff ? I really hope that VirtualBox will solve this problem. I've got a brand new HP laptop with Win7-64bit. Now VirtualBox is up and running many Linux distributions like Fedora9 & 16. If I only get WinNT and Visual C++ 6 with odbc installed on the same virtual environment, maybe I could deliver the most urgent changes to my client.

To get Visual C++ 6 running on top of Win7 is not an easy task. I hope the source code can be build with Visual Studio 2008 on top of WinXP and linked with Objective Grid and all this still works with odbc-drivers. Intresting.

Of course I need to port the Pawnshop-aplication to latest Visual Studio 10/win7 and MySQL-database.